Small Fall/Winter Haul!

Small Fall/Winter Haul!

Before I say anything else, I want to apologize for being so inactive. I recently got my first job, so with that, school, and my friends & boyfriend, my life has been pretty busy and hectic! Also, Sorry for the bad quality picture, I was so anxious to get this haul up, I couldn’t wait for natural lighting.
Anyway, Though! Let’s continue with the haul!
I went into the city today to go bridesmaid dress shopping for my sister’s wedding, and we decided to do some shopping for ourselves as well. I’ve been really needing some new sweaters and leggings. I’ve gotten into this little problem where I can’t stand wearing jeans anymore. I only find comfort in leggings and yoga pants (as any typical teenage girl would). I dress not only to look good, but also to feel good! So I am now stocking up on leggings for the upcoming colder months!
The first two leggings on the left are both from Forever21! I especially love the ones with little elephants and camels and things on them. The pair on the far right is from Love Culture! They are the only thing with actual color I bought today.
The all black sweater on the left is also from Love Culture. I am pretty sure it is from the lounge-wear section, but it is both cute & SUPER comfy enough for me to pair with leggings! The other sweater is from Forever21 and it’s just a simple one. I’m always lovin’ the polka dots.
And last, I got this adorable studded beanie from Wet Seal. I really needed some new beanies and this one looks perfect on me! I have a hard time finding beanies that look good on my small head… 🙂
But anyway, that is my first haul ever! Phew, after typing all that out, it makes me wish I was more comfortable in front of the camera. Doing hauls in videos seems way easier! Would any of you be interested in seeing video hauls and things like that instead? Leave me your suggestions!
Thanks for reading, everyone. I will definitely update more frequently now that I am done training for my job and am on a steady schedule. Thank you for your patience!

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